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Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels are legendary. So much so that when her 1960s Movado 18-karat gold coiled cuff-watch (above, left) appeared in the actress’s epic estate sale at Christie’s three years ago, the watchmakers jumped on the chance to buy it back. “As soon as we saw the piece we were in love!” remembers Movado’s Mary Leach. Originally it was intended to be a glorious addition to the Movado Heritage collection of timepieces, special designs made throughout the company’s 133-year history including collaboration work with artists Andy Warhol, Kenny Scharf, and the fashion designers at Proenza Schouler. Plans changed, however, almost as soon as Movado received the timepiece (purchased for $15,000) from the auction house.

“We quickly realized that there was something really special women were responding to when we showed it,” says Leach. Movado’s ambassador actress Lily Collins liked the design so much she chose to wear it on the red carpet to her Mortal Instruments premiere last year (below). “The elegance of the bracelet inspired us to re-imagine the design to give a new generation the same feeling of glamour.”

After nearly three years of production, Movado perfected a hinged mechanism to make the statement double wrap bracelet easy to put on and take off as well as comfortable (below). It also added the signature Movado Museum dial in the place of the pear-shape watchcase. “Along with being an incredible watch, the Movado Museum Wrap is a beautiful piece of jewelry,” explains Leach. Without a doubt, that’s exactly what Elizabeth Taylor would have wanted.

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