#RocksMyWorld: Mad Men’s Jessica Paré Dishes on Her New Favorite Arm Candy

Photo: Courtesy of Baume & Mercier (2)

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Famous for her role on Mad Men as the stylish second wife of Don Draper, Jessica Paré is also known for her chic turns on the red carpet. Last night was no exception. Paré looked sensational in Baume & Mercier’s new watch, a Cholé dress and delicate diamonds when she joined the watch firm’s CEO Alain Zimmermann for the unveiling of a new ladies design that will be in stores in September. The Canadian actress showed off a bit of her fluent French at the presentation while speaking about the design with a French name Promesse that translates promise. She also talked to us exclusively about style.

We live in a world where everyone can check the time on their cellphones at any moment, so why do you think it is nice to wear a watch?

It’s super handy to look down on your wrist and be able to tell when lunch is but I don’t feel like that is why you buy a watch. A watch is another way to express your style. When I put on the Promesse I feel like a real lady, like a woman. A watch gives me another level of confidence when I walk out the door.

On Mad Men you wear a watch on a black leather strap with the dial positioned on the inside of your wrist. Tonight you have on the Promesse with delicate diamond rings. Can you tell me about the different ways you wear a watch?

On the show the watch is actually a little big on me, but I also think that it is a personal way to wear a watch with the dial on the inside. It sort of personalizes what time it is. With the Baume & Mercier, there is no way I would ever turn it inside! It is a piece to show off. It’s a classic addition to your wardrobe and the diamonds on the bezel just opened up styling options. I am wearing a little medley of diamond rings with my Effy flower ring and a bar ring by Djula.

When it comes to a nail polish to pull together your watch and rings, what’s your favorite color?

My go-to for polish is OPI’s Simone Sand.

What made you want Baume & Mercier’s Promesse for your personal collection?

Well the design was inspired by a Baume & Mercier design from the 1970s and the fact that we are almost in the year 1970 in Mad Men, I felt like it fit this moment in my life. You can feel the flavor of the 1970s coming in on the show. So this watch is almost like a graduation present as we finish the series.

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