By Marion Fasel
Updated Nov 06, 2014 @ 3:28 pm

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When Irene Neuwirth held the opening party for her first boutique located at 8458 Melrose Place in Los Angeles last Thursday it was no surprise a bevy of her celebrity friends showed up at the party including Elizabeth Banks, Busy Philipps, and Jessica Capshaw. The jewelry designer has been a favorite among Hollywood stars for years. Jennifer Lawrence, Reese Witherspoon, and Jessica Chastain are a few of the many who have repeatedly worn Neuwirth’s colorful creations on the red carpet. What was astonishing to see at the event was the unique store design.

The 1,100-square foot large loft-like space with sky-lights, designed in collaboration Pam Shamshiri from Commune, looks as much like a home as it does a boutique. There is a living room area with a mix of vintage and modern furniture, a fireplace, bookshelves and an open kitchen fully equipped with a Lacanche stove and lots of specially made works of art and display cases. Cameron Silver, owner of the legendary Los Angeles vintage boutique Decades, proclaimed it was the “most beautiful store in L.A.” as soon as he saw it. Neuwirth sat down with InStyle to tell us all about it.

What inspired you to open your own boutique?I really wanted to create a place that felt like home, not a jewelry store—a place where friends and customers could spend all day. When this space became available, I just had to jump on it. Growing up in L.A., I saw how Melrose Place evolved into such a special shopping experience and it was really a dream to become a part of it.

Did you make any special jewels for the store? For the opening, I designed about 250 one-of-a-kind pieces for the store! I really love all of the pearl earrings. It took me a long time to figure out how to bring pearls into the collection and make them my own. I feel really proud of these. Over time there will be a mix of one-of-a-kinds, classic collection, and bespoke, made-to-order pieces like a series I did of carved pendants with hand painted animals on them.

What are your favorite elements of the interior design?The kitchen is my dream space. We’ve had four dinner parties already! It’s so hard to choose. I love all of the collaborations with different artists. Clare Crespo and Marine Panossian created incredible dioramas for the jewelry displays. Claire Oswalt painted several portraits of my dog and horse that I’m in love with. My Mom, Geraldine Neuwirth, is a painter, and also created a piece for me. I really love every last corner.