By Marion Fasel
Updated Oct 30, 2014 @ 2:03 pm

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Over-the-top describes the entire inventory of jewelry and watches at de Grisogono. The creative force behind the 21-year company Fawaz Gruosi specializes in bold curvaceous creations set with vibrant colorful gems. It’s a statement look that has made the Geneva-based company a favorite with stylish red carpet stars including Heidi Klum, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Milla Jovovich. The latest de Grisogono design, Crazy Skull, is a not only imaginative but it also exhibits astonishing manufacturing expertise. Just a few days ago Karlie Kloss showed off the timepiece on her wildly popular Instagram account (above, left). Now Gruosi tells InStyle all about it.

What inspired the Crazy Skull?Probably a mix between a love of my profession, a lot of passion and a little craziness. The magnetic look of the skull, the two watch dials set with diamonds in a spiral motif and its smile, are a couple details that add a touch of the outrageous. Behind the fun concept, however, it was very complicated project.

How long did the watch take to create from the conception to completion?The overall project took almost two years. There were several challenging elements in production. The teeth are made with a total of 9.9 carats of baguette diamonds. They had to be calibrated in size and set in a way to assure they could resist the shock of the opening and closing mechanism of the mouth. The lower jaw opens and a gem-set tongue set with either 66 pink sapphires or rubies sticks out.

What are some other details of the design?We only made nine in total, three versions of each gem variation. There is a white diamond skull, a black diamond skull—both have almost 28 carats of snow-set gems. There is also one with 23 carats of snow-set rubies on the skull. A 1.5-carat heart-shape white diamond set upside down forms the nose on all of them. Two crossed diamond-set bones form the clasp on our signature galuchat straps.

The Crazy Skull watches are available at the de Grisogono boutique in New York, 212-439-4220; prices start at $718,800.