#RocksMyWorld: The Coolest Ear Cuffs On the Catwalk

The queen of cool jewels, Lynn Ban's edgy and imaginative designs have made her the go-to designer for pop stars looking for a statement. She has long been one of Rihanna’s favorite jewelry designers. Madonna flaunted Ban’s baubles at the Grammys for the last two years. Beyoncé has sported handfuls of Ban’s rings in music videos. Now the designer can add a major fashion credit to her list of achievements. During New York Fashion Week, Ban's ear climbers appeared on every model at Donna Karan’s “Power and Poetry” show. Ban sat down with InStyle to tell us about it.

Ear climbers and cuffs are everywhere now but yours are really different. They are like a cage that goes around the lobe. Could you explain the design and inspiration?

I was inspired by Tina Turners character Aunty Entity in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Remember her earcuffs? I wanted to create an earcuff that was modern tribal. My earcuff spirals around the lobe. It slides on from low on the lobe and sits in the ear versus other earcuffs that sit high on the ear cartilage. They are very secure with out any piercings.

Your Sonic Ear Cuffs appeared on almost every model in the Donna Karan show. Were they the same design from your collection or did you do special tweaks for the show?

The gold pieces were in my collection. We created a special gunmetal finish exclusively for Donna. They will be available at the same time as the clothes for fall. I loved the way the styling gave the earring a new look in the show with the hair and only one was worn on the left ear.

How did the collaboration come about?

Nicoletta Santoro, Donna Karan’s long time stylist approached me. I was thrilled because Donna and Nicoletta have been two of my mentors. They both believed in me when I was starting out in this business. So it really feels like its come full circle and makes it even more special to me.

Lynn Ban’s Sonic 14-Karat Gold Ear Cuffs are available on Net-a-Porter; $8,700.

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