Credit: Cartier (2)

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What do Kate Middleton, Karlie Kloss and Elizabeth Taylor have in common? A shared passion for Cartier is the answer to that jewelry riddle. The Duchess donned a Cartier tiara from the royal collection on her wedding day, the supermodel is rarely seen off-duty without her Cartier Juste un Clou bracelet, and the screen legend had countless pieces of Cartier in her jewelry box.These three ladies are but a few of the legions of celebrities who love the French jeweler. It’s easy to understand why. The 167-year old firm always, miraculously, balances the glory of its history with a modern outlook. Cartier pulls off its signature hat trick to perfection with the closing and opening of boutiques in New York and the launch of the irresistible Amulette collection.

First the real estate: Cartier shuttered its historically landmarked New York flagship for a two-year renovation. The location has stood as a monument to the city’s Gilded Age glamour on Fifth Avenue since Pierre Cartier acquired the private home in 1917 from the owners for a $1-million strand of natural pearls. A few architects who know a thing or three about historic renovations—having worked on spiffing up the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island—are going to enhance the interior in the spirit of its glamorous past and create more space simultaneously. Think sweeping staircases and four fabulous floors to shop.

While the site is under construction, Cartier has thrown open the doors to the most extraordinary pop-up shop on the planet, a few blocks north of the mansion at the former location for “The Early Show” on CBS. The jeweler’s Paris-based architect Bruno Moinard masterfully transformed the two story high interior with grand chandeliers and loads of elegant wood and mirror details. He created intimacy in the 8,000-square foot space by dividing it into separate salons for different items such as diamonds, engagement rings, watches and leather goods. A selection of vintage designs are on display such as the sensational necklace worn by Lupita Nyong’O on the cover of People’s 50 Most Beautiful issue. And, of course, there is the modern gold jewelry, iconic items including the Love Bracelet, the Juste Un Clou as well as the new Amulette Collection.

Credit: Cartier (2)

The Amulette necklaces and bracelets are made in onyx, mother of pearl or diamonds and gold and intended to be your personal lucky charm. The top is open on the motif , Cartier says in order to leave "room for a wish." If your dream is to have chic jewels, it is guaranteed to come true with any of Cartier’s Amulettes (the starting price for a small bracelet is $1,910). Make the pilgrimage to New York to see the pieces in person and explore the new Cartier store.