#RocksMyWorld: Brace Yourselves—Body Chains Are Back!

An Update on Body Chains
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Body chains have taken a high fashion turn on the Louis Vuitton catwalk. Designer Nicolas Ghesquière showed them with his sensational 2015 Cruise collection presented in front of the palace in Monaco. At least two looks included body chains. One peaked out from a low-cut lace black cocktail dress. Another could be seen through a sheer white lace top (above, left).

Louis Vuitton’s embrace of body chains may come as a surprise to those who thought of them as the exclusive domain of sexy celebrities. After all Rihanna and Miley Cyrus flaunted designer Jacquie Aiche’s slinky gold and gem-set renditions so frequently in 2012 that the singers both turn up when you Google images for “body chain” (below) While the impact of the two stars on the popularity of the style cannot be denied, the jewelry silhouette actually has roots in ancient times. One rare example from the fifth century is part of the collection at the British Museum. Scholars believe the depiction of the chains in classical art reveal it was a type of jewelry reserved for mythical goddesses such Venus or elite women of the society.

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No matter what your thoughts are on a wisp of gold to wrap around your core, the style is clearly here to stay. Now that Louis Vuitton has added its singular type of glamour to the look, why not embrace it? There is no denying the fact that a body chain is the best way to secure jewelry to your body at the beach or decorate your mid-drift when you wear a crop top as Kate Hudson demonstrated on the streets of New York (top, right). Or secure your jewelry in place underneath a cocktail dress as Louis Vuitton exhibited.

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