#RocksMyWorld: 5 Bejeweled Hearts That Might Make Yours Skip a Beat

Photo: Courtesy of Stone and Strand

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When Valentine’s Day rolls around on the calendar hearts are always front and center as the sentimental symbol of love. In jewelry, however, the sweet emblem is taken rather seriously all year round and has been for centuries.

By seriously, I mean designers have decorated it with diamonds, rendered it in gold and covered it in all kinds of colorful semiprecious stones. No one is exactly sure when the love connection began. It can be traced as far back as at the 14th century when heart brooches were a trend. Queen Victoria added to the popularity during the 19th century when she wore colorful enamel heart lockets.

Today it’s hard to find a fine jewelry designer who does not have a heart in their collection. Styles run the gamut from sentimental cuties to bold beauties. Here are five extravagant examples that show just how passionate jewelry designers can be about hearts.

1. Alison Lou Gold, Diamond and Enamel All My Heart Ring (pictured above), $4,990; stoneandstrand.com.

2. Repossi Heart-Shaped Diamonds & White Gold Serti Sur Vide Cuff Ring, $97,645; barneys.com.

3. Solange Azagury-Partridge Gold and Enamel HeartThrob Bangle, price upon request; solange.co.uk.

4. Jennifer Meyer 18K Gold Diamond Heart Ring, $6,500; net-a-porter.com.

5. Renee Lewis Gold and Diamond Heart Shake Necklace, $13,450; modaoperandi.com.

Courtesy of Moda Operandi

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