By Anne Vorrasi
Updated Dec 31, 2014 @ 7:14 am
Credit: Peter Bradshaw/Getty Images

Sometimes, less is more and that's the case with this delicious vibrant cocktail from Mixologist Moses Laboy of NYC's sophisticated eatery Gotham Bar and Grill. "Fun, festive, and easy-to-make, it's ready for the party with its red dress on and bubbly personality," says Laboy. The best part? You only need 2 ingredients to get the well-balanced wintry flavors of this refined cocktail: A dry, effervescent wine plus a dose of Sorel, an artisanal liqueur made up of the slightly tart, berry-like hibiscus, balanced with a blend of baking spices (ginger, clove and nutmeg).

Winters Spice

Ingredients4 oz of Extra Brut or Brut Champagne (sparkling wine if you're on a budget)1 oz Sorel Optional: Orange Twist for Garnish

DirectionsCombine the champagne with the Sorel and finish with a orange twist essence and garnish.