Peter Bradshaw/Getty Images
Anne Vorrasi
Dec 31, 2014 @ 7:14 am

Sometimes, less is more and that's the case with this delicious vibrant cocktail from Mixologist Moses Laboy of NYC's sophisticated eatery Gotham Bar and Grill. "Fun, festive, and easy-to-make, it's ready for the party with its red dress on and bubbly personality," says Laboy. The best part? You only need 2 ingredients to get the well-balanced wintry flavors of this refined cocktail: A dry, effervescent wine plus a dose of Sorel, an artisanal liqueur made up of the slightly tart, berry-like hibiscus, balanced with a blend of baking spices (ginger, clove and nutmeg).

Winters Spice

Ingredients4 oz of Extra Brut or Brut Champagne (sparkling wine if you're on a budget)1 oz Sorel Optional: Orange Twist for Garnish

DirectionsCombine the champagne with the Sorel and finish with a orange twist essence and garnish.


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