Robin Wright: Earning the Same Pay as Kevin Spacey Is a Matter of Fairness

Though demand for equal pay has become a mainstream conversation, it's still a rather taboo topic—as are many discussion surrounding money and salaries among most women. But in order for the tide to change, stories must be shared and women must speak up and speak out to change the unfair status quo. In addition to those in power doing the just thing, of course.

That is exactly what Robin Wright did almost exactly a year ago when she decided to demand the same pay as co-star Kevin Spacey on hit Netflix TV show House of Cards. Though she wasn't nervous about essentially asking for what she deserved, she felt that it was important to publically share her story.

The Wonder Woman star discussed a revelation in the latest issue of Net-a-Porter's magazine The Edit with Garbage singer Shirley Manson. "I was told that I was getting equal pay and I believed them, and I found out recently that it's not true," she said. To that, Manson asked if she was nervous about approaching the studio. Wright's answer? "Not for a second. It was just fair, on principle." Wright not only has a career in acting that spans 30 years, but she has also directed episodes of House of Cards.

The Golden Globe winner also revealed how daunting modeling felt to her when she was young. "[I modeled] to make money, so I could stay in Paris, because I was broke," she revealed. "That was a nightmare: you go into a go-see, lift up your shirt, then [someone says], 'Her boobs aren't big enough,' and you're out ... I interviewed with every agency. They said, 'You're never going to be tall enough to sign with Wilhelmina and IMG; you can do bathing suits, beauty, lingerie.'"

House of Cards returns to Netflix May 30.

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