Spoiler alert! The below House of Cards preview reveals some juicy tidbits on the upcoming Season 4.

By Priya Rao
Updated Mar 04, 2016 @ 5:00 am
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The wait is over for House of Cards fans looking for their dirty politics fix. At the end of Season 3, we heard the words that rocked the Underwoods’ very foundation: "I'm leaving you Francis.”

This season, the speaker of those words, Claire Underwood, played by the inimitable Robin Wright, is “putting her foot down,” according to stylist and costume designer Kemal Harris, and we are seeing that firsthand in her fashion. “At the end of last season, Claire walks out, and that final outfit was a nod back to our Season 1 and 2 Claire,” says Harris. “It was a severe black pencil skirt, a boxy jacket, and all of the feminine curves we tried to use for Season 3, we ditched. We decided to revert back to the hard Claire. She was done with all this playtime of being First Lady. She’s over it and is going back to her protective lair.”

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So in terms of fashion choices, viewers can expect the fashion comparisons of Jackie Kennedy to come to a close. “ No offense to Jackie, but Claire is not loyal and dedicated to her husband and country,” says Harris. “There are some bodycon dresses from Cushnie et Ochs, which I pulled closer to the body, so it’s more raw and stripped away than you would expect. She starts a new fling with a new boyfriend and it’s all about shoving it in Francis’s face because she doesn’t care.” The more fitted looks are meant to showcase how this new relationship has blossomed and that Claire can be intimate with someone other than Francis.

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So does the new sexier wardrobe work? Harris puts it this way: “Francis comes running back.”