Two years after his death, Robin Williams's daughter Zelda opened up about how she's coped with her grief in a candid interview with Chelsea Handler on her Netflix show, Chelsea.

The 27-year-old actress, who grew up largely out of the spotlight, told Handler that she learned to deal with the pain on a day-to-day basis. Williams also admitted to finding an unexpected silver lining in it all that came from throwing herself into her work.

"I just kept going 'OK, well today I'm going to wake up and love what I do,'" she said. "And then tomorrow I'm going to wake up and be happy and love what i do. And then the next day, because ... that's all you can do. I mean, that's it."

She also discussed how people often struggled to find the right way interact with her after her father's death. "It was very funny because, for a while, no one would let me do anything," she shared. "I think there's that reaction of like, 'Oh, sh_t, are you OK?' And then even if you are OK, they're like, 'Well, what's wrong?'"

As a result, she says, she was left to her own devices for a while, and joked that she didn't see daylight got a while. "A lot of great stuff came out of that," Williams noted. "I needed up writing 12 scripts."

"I've been working really hard and it's been nice because you get to not sit with yourself for too long," she said.

Handler then joined in, offering some heartfelt words about grief and growth. "I think you always find a way to direct yourself out of that mousetrap," she told Williams. "Somehow, you sometimes get to a really beautiful place because of something tragic that happened."

Watch the entire clip above.