By Jennifer Davis
Updated Oct 26, 2012 @ 5:19 pm
Jimmy Choo Rob Pruitt
Credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty; Courtesy Photo

Contemporary artist Rob Pruitt lent his creative hand to Jimmy Choo to create a collection of sexy pumps, sweet flats, and quirky clutches, which he and the Jimmy Choo creative directors Sandra Choi and Simon Holloway celebrated with a launch party in New York last night. “He flirts a lot with pop culture and celebrity culture, which is part of the Jimmy Choo history, so it felt like a natural marriage,” Holloway told of why they chose to team up with Pruitt. And the artist was thrilled to put his stamp on Choo shoes using exclusive materials developed just for the collaboration. “I like to push the boundaries and push buttons, and maybe push the limits of good taste,” he told us. That’s why he considers these shoes wearable art. “If you buy a pair of these, even if you wear them only once, that’s fine,” he said. “I think it’s perfectly appropriate to set them on your coffee table, or on a pedestal!” Shop the collaboration, including the pieces shown here, at

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