By Isabel Jones
Updated Aug 18, 2017 @ 12:45 pm

“May I have everyone’s attention—I have some tragic news to share,” Sheriff Keller states in the early moments of Riverdale’s latest Season 2 promo. With an intro like that, you know the CW series is gearing up for a seriously dark sophomore season—and for a show whose first installment revolved around the murder of a teenager, that’s really saying something.

Riverdale’s recent trailer gives us everything we’ve ever wanted from a teen drama—a blood-spattered protagonist (Archie), family drama (Betty slams a newspaper down in front of her mom and declares, “This is war”), and a sexy shower-side mystery (Veronica opens the curtain and an unknown character is waiting for her).

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But this is nothing compared to the montage’s final clip. “You can’t let this fear run your life, Arch,” says the voice of an unknown male (Archie’s dad? Jughead’s dad?) as we watch Archie seemingly brandish a gun. (!!!)

Some serious sh— is about to go down. We’ll get to the bottom of it when Riverdale returns on Wednesday, Oct. 11.