By Jonathan Borge
Updated Jan 19, 2018 @ 8:15 am
Rita Ora 
Credit: Courtesy ABSOLUT

If haven't hopped on the Rita Ora bandwagon, what are you waiting for?

The 27-year-old British singer is taking over the charts—and let's not forget she knows a thing or two about fashion as well. In October, she released a jam I haven't stopped listening to, "Anywhere," followed by her Fifty Shades Freed duet with former One Direction cutie Liam Payne, "For You."

Now, Ora's using her platform to yes, once more drop a new song that's bound to make your playlist, but also encourage her fans with a message of positivity. "Proud," out Friday, is the result of a collaboration with Absolut's Open Mic Project, which encouraged fans to share stories about the concept of acceptance. Listen to the track below:

Ora says she wanted to "give everybody a voice and use music to encourage more acceptance in the every day world, regardless of background, belief, or border." After reading hundreds of stories and relating to many—her family fled Kosovo to the U.K. when she was only one—she agreed that the idea of finding your tribe is what this new jam is all about.

"There was an amazing kind of similarity with all of them, which was just kind of the need to break free from their habitat or where they grew up. It was a lot to do with the environment that influenced them from," she told us. "The LGBTQ community were very supportive with this project, and they definitely opened up their hearts and told their stories, which I'm very grateful for."

For the star, trying to feel comfortable when she's traveling inspired the mood of the song. "The hardest part is that you're never in one place. That sucks a little bit, and you get home sick 'cause you're in a hotel in a different city every day," she said, explaining everyone can relate to feeling empty. "It was really encouraging to have a project to work on that made me feel like I wasn't alone."

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Ora, who's expected to drop a new album globally this year and is touring the U.K. in May, also hinted at what's to come musically. "This is definitely the most emotional, personal kind of getting really inside Rita Ora that I've ever done. I've had to fight a lot to get to this position that I am today, and I think this album is going to really explain the struggle of me growing up, and just having music as a support system," she said. "I definitely just embrace the fact that I was able to break free and put out music that I wanted to put out."

She added that she considers herself an entertainer first and foremost, and wants her fans to know just how committed she is to her work. "I work my fu—ing ass off every single day and I definitely love my job. I love entertaining and I look at myself as an entertainer," she said. "That's all I really wanna do, just enjoy people's time and attention and entertain everybody."

Music aside, Ora also chatted about the Hollywood stars who've banded together to form Time's Up in protest of sexual harassment, and how she's super supportive. Following Oprah's 2018 Golden Globes speech, she shared an Instagram praising the household name.

"I thought it was such a powerful thing. I think that unity is sometimes undermined, but when you have an undeniable amount of people doing the same thing, you just can't deny the obvious, which is unity," she said. "It's so inspiring and incredible to see everybody throw everything to the side and make it all about what it's meant to be about, which is real life and people's real feelings and what real people have gone through."

She said the movement isn't exclusive to Hollywood, either. "I think the more the merrier ... This happens in all aspects of work, not just actresses. I think that there's a lot of places this happens in, in offices and homes, I think it's just about bringing awareness."