Rita Ora
Credit: Anthony Harvey/FilmMagic

Almost six months after her death, stories continue to pour in from celebrities about the amazing moments they shared with the late Carrie Fisher. The day before the heart attack that would eventually lead to Fisher's passing, Rita Ora was with the icon, filming scenes for the upcoming movie Wonderwell.

As you might imagine, the time they spent together was full of fun and loaded with laughs. "I was with her the day before she got on that flight and it's just crazy," the star revealed in an interview with Legend Magazine. "She drank a lot of Coca-Cola and we were, like, loving life on Coca-Cola. We were laughing, the scene was amazing and she helped me a lot."

VIDEO: Go Behind the Scenes with Rita Ora

In addition to the new movie, Ora is working on her much-anticipated album, and when speaking about the new tracks, she stated: "With this album, I improved as a songwriter and I was able to explore myself. It's not just about, 'Oh, who is Rita dating?' anymore."

Ora had a bit of a quarter-life-crisis and spent time with family to gain new perspective, which influenced her latest songs. "I went home, went back to scratch and I ate what I wanted," she divulged. "I just enjoyed myself."

After performing "Your Song," "Summer Love," and "Girls, Girls, Girls" this weekend at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend music festival, we cannot wait to dance to her new tunes at our next summer party!