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Credit: Jackson Lee/GC Images

The color baby blue immediately takes us back to the early 2000s, when Juicy Couture velour sweats were the must-have item. We think of J.Lo. We think of Ashanti. It makes us want to revisit our middle school playlists.

But on Tuesday, Rita Ora did something magical: she brought it back. The weather in New York has circled around 80-degrees this week, but why does steamy weather matter for a 26-year-old British pop star, actress, reality TV host, and overall currently-killing-it millennial? It doesn’t.

So, doing what Rita Ora does best, she owned the look. Her oversize Ellery pantsuit covered her like a loosely fitting but perfectly tailored glove and the Jennifer Fisher gold Baby Kate hoops don't hurt, either.

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The throwback to the fabulousness of the early ‘00s didn’t end there, either. Take a look at her glasses. The vintage Chanel shades have an orange-tinted ombre effect, and they’re covered in one thing everyone had on their Blackberry case: rhinestones! The cherry on top of her cotton candy-colored look? Pastel pink Pucci heels.

And though it could have easily ended there with an A+, she wore a Love4Grenfell tee ($11; love4.london) beneath her jacket, a piece that supports the victims of the London fire disaster.

Credit: Raymond Hall/GC Images

That’s what you call a double-whammy.