By Lara Walsh
Jul 29, 2016 @ 8:15 am

There's only a week to go until 207 different nations converge upon Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the 2016 Olympics' opening ceremony on Aug. 5, when a designated flag bearer from each country will lead his or her team into the arena to commence the Games.

While the identity of Team U.S.A.'s flag bearer has yet to be revealed (the athlete will be announced by Aug. 4), Polo Ralph Lauren and the United States Olympics Committee are upping the ante by unveiling the competitor's official jacket as well as the opening ceremony parade uniform that the entire team will wear as they enter Maracanã Stadium next Friday.

The flag bearer jacket, which will be worn by the representative for both the U.S. Olympic and the Paralympic teams, features electroluminescent panels as part of its innovative design (see above). Ralph Lauren, which has outfitted the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams since 2008, announced that the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation will give $1 to the United States Olympic Committee for every social media post during the opening ceremony using the hashtag #LikeToLight.

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Meanwhile, the rest of Team U.S.A.'s members will make their first official appearance at the 2016 Games in a patriotic striped T-shirt, white jeans with a navy belt, and a navy blazer embellished with gold buttons. The athletes will finish off their ensemble with red-white-and-blue boat shoes and striped bracelets for a sporty and chic take on all-American style.