Rihanna Continuum - Lead
Credit: Getty Images (12)

Rihanna has released the 7-minute video for her "B— Better Have My Money" track after debuting the trailer at last week's BET Awards. It's filled with violence, nudity, and explicit language, and it's gaining steam, already having garnered 19 million views since its debut. The Internet's been talking about it all week, saying she's really pushed the limits this time. But this shouldn't come as a surprise.

Rihanna's known for walking right up to the boundaries and busting through them, especially when it comes to her music. The same is true for her fashion, which we, along with the rest of the world/Internet, track on a daily basis. In thinking of her I-do-what-I-want attitude, we can't help but recall the time she arrived nearly naked at the CFDA Awards or when she wore sparkly pasties to a party celebrating Tom Ford and amfAR. Even this weekend, she rocked an Hermès scarf as a bikini top. But that's not the Rihanna we see all the time. The 27-year-old artist also perfectly pulls off the polished look, from acting as the face of Christian Dior to rocking Zac Posen to a major event, a designer known for his corseted, and shall we say PC, red-carpet styles. See, the thing is, Rihanna can do it all. She can be the polished diva one day and bust out "BBHMM" in nothing but a newsboy cap and baby tee the next.

While many artists think they are chameleons, the truth is, they usually stick to one look. Lady Gaga is wild and crazy. Katy Perry is quirky and fun. Taylor Swift is the good girl. Meghan Trainor is the retro throwback. With Rihanna, once you think you know who she is, she changes yet again. You can never truly know what you're going to get when she walks out the door, on a red carpet, or as we just learned, in a music video. And that's just why we love her.

Just take a look at her impressive continuum above. We rounded up 12 of her best looks, and arranged them from demure to daring. Now that's a feat worth getting worked up over.