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Rihanna may portray the classic Psycho character Marion Crane, but that does not mean she’s getting murdered in a shower. The classic Alfred Hitchcock scene was recreated on Monday night’s episode of Bates Motel and it definitely did not go how we expected.

In the original 1963 movie, Marion heads into the shower in her Bates Motel bathroom and is brutally murdered by an attacker with a knife. You know, a true example of light-hearted cinema.

But when Rihanna steps into the shower as Marion, the scene goes down a little differently. RiRi strips down and heads into the bathroom, building up anticipation as classic horror story music gets louder and louder.

Rihanna Bates Motel
Credit: A&E

But just as we’re preparing ourselves to watch her die a bloody death, she promptly steps out of the shower, complaining, "Screw this sh—.”

Instead, Marion’s boyfriend was the one who took the brutal stabbing, while Marion exited the episode unscathed. Of course, Twitter had some hilarious reactions to Rihanna’s exit, citing Bates Motel as further proof that no one can touch Rihanna.

Leave it to RiRi to dodge a brutal murder with sheer sass.