Rihanna Aunt - LEAD
Credit: badgalriri/instagram

Who knew it was possible to be this jealous of a 2-year-old? Rihanna doesn’t have any kids of her own, but there’s one little girl who pops up on her Instagram feed every now and again, and she gets to call Rihanna her “auntie.”

Two-year-old Majesty (Mom is RiRi’s cousin, Noella Alstrom) might just be the Barbados beauty’s favorite playmate. The duo have enjoyed many a mani-pedi, visited Disney World together, and most recently, shared one fun girls’ day out.

On Sunday, RiRi took to Insta to share a photo on the car with Majesty looking glam on her lap. The 2-year-old rocked a high topknot and big black sunglasses over a printed dress and blue tights. “She jumped in with sunglasses on,” Rihanna captioned the photo.

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On Monday, the duo was back at it, sharing a sweet kiss in the tub and wandering through the city. “My lil oxtail!” Rihanna wrote.

Honestly, we want Rihanna to be our best friend, but we’d settle for “Auntie” if we had the chance.