So This Is What Rihanna Would Look Like as a Mom

Rihanna: Singer. Actress. Philanthropist. Purveyor of all things badass. Mom?

We can see it.

Over the weekend, the Barbadian singer gave the universe a glimpse at what she’d look like as a parent to young children when she headed to a birthday party for her niece, Majesty. As we learned, when having to entertain a child, the bad gal drops her too-cool-to-care persona and instead flips on the aunt and role model switch.

How do we know? The below series of videos and images captured it all.

First of all, Rihanna’s summer-perfect floral dress is a departure from the sometimes sheer, sometimes nipple-baring, always headline-making street-style looks she wears on the daily. It’s still impressively cool, but also perfectly appropriate for a children’s birthday party.

In addition to her look, Riri takes on Mom-and-Dad-style duties in a video as she prepares to cut a cake in her niece’s honor. “All right, let’s cut this now,” she simply says. CUTE!

Later, she played with Majesty as she drove around in a vintage-style toy convertible. Naturally, Majesty was also in a matching pink look.

The children at the party seem to have taken cues from RiRi's dancing skills, which the "Umbrella" singer flaunted while holding Majesty in her arms.

In case you were wondering, Rihanna would not be a regular mom, she’d be a cool mom.

We’re not sure that Rihanna has plans to have children of her own anytime soon, but one thing’s for sure: She’d be excellent at it.

You see the second image in the above Instagram gallery? That’s what love looks like.

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