By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated Sep 13, 2018 @ 12:15 pm
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Update 9/14/18: Looks like Jacobs never meant to shade anyone after all. In an Instagram post Friday, he apologized and detailed what really caused his show to kick off so late.

"It was my wishful thinking that we could accomplish all that needed to be done for this show with the circumstances we faced. I was wrong," he wrote in a lengthy caption. "Not because everyone didn’t make every effort or give it their all and more, life is just that way sometimes. I’ve always been told that, 'if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.' ”

In the comments section, he also addressed rumors that his lateness had something to do with Rihanna.

We're happy to know there's no bad blood after all.

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As buttoned up and polished as New York Fashion Week looks from the outside, the real deal is a little less pristine — it's sometimes sweaty, sometimes panicky, and definitely dramatic. But even the week's usual antics pale in comparison to what fashion fans are speculating right now.

Wednesday night marked the final day of NYFW, and it was supposed to end with a bang as both Marc Jacobs and Rihanna presented. Traditionally, Jacobs has been the grand finale of fashion week, closing out the whole shebang with a show at 6 p.m. on the dot. 2018 is a little different though, because this time around, Rihanna chose to schedule her own Savage x Fenty lingerie showing at 7:30 p.m, making her the closer.

Now, Jacobs hasn't explicitly said anything about it, but his show included some unusual funny business. The designer — who is famously one of the few who starts his show on time, like clockwork — began an hour and 26 minutes late. It's unheard of, and if you check your watch, you'll notice that created quite a debacle for showgoers who had invites to both Jacobs's and Rihanna's shows, especially considering the physical distance between the two venues.

Obviously, this has people talking ... and saying it was done on purpose to spite Rihanna for taking the finale spot.

If it really was a slight, Jacobs neglected to mention it to the celebrities and high-power editors in the audience. Nicki Minaj, Emily Ratajkowski, and Vogue's Anna Wintour waited around just like everyone else for Jacobs to kick off his show.

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We don't know with absolute certainty what caused such a delay for a designer who is normally so punctual, but conspiracy theorists are taking the idea that it was a power play and running with it. AP reported that Jacobs's staff blamed an errant clothing delivery, while The Cut's Emilia Petrarca wrote that "sewing machines [were] seen being carried in at the time the show was originally supposed to start."

VIDEO: Rihanna on Her Mission with Savage x Fenty

Eventually though, as The Daily Beast reports, a "noticeable" number of guests had to leave and skip Jacobs's show to make it to Fenty on time.

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At the end of the day, Marc Jacobs and Rihanna each presented (delayed) collections, and reviews of Jacobs' have been stellar so far, even with the wait. It's too bad we're not talking more about the clothes — but let's be honest, the potential birth of a powerhouse rivalry is way too juicy to overlook.