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It may seem that things come easily to Rihanna—from her singular sense of style to her incredible songs, but there's a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that go into her work. Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of her ANTI album release—the ANTIversary, if you will—and the 28-year-old artist and eight-time Grammy winner took the opportunity to share intimate details about her recording process.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Rihanna explained that ANTI was her most anticipated album and it turned out to be her most challenging, too.

"When I started making this album I never would have imagined how much of a challenge the process would be," the "Work" singer wrote. "I was evolving in the midst of making a body of art that was supposed to reflect who I was in that moment, yet it was the very answer I didn't have!"

Rihanna explained that she was a bit disconnected from her emotions and feeling the pressure of other people's expectations.

"I was numb for a while... numb to all the bulls— and numb to all the good s—. But I was determined not to settle for what everybody thought this should be, or when they thought it should come, or how! I stuck to it until I felt something again!"

She went on to explain how she got back in the groove by surrounding herself with inspiring people: "We rented a house in Malibu for a couple months and did MUSIC! Every room, every couch, every corner, there were musicians everywhere ... 1 night we vibing, TyTy made a comment, and I got super sensitive, lolol! Then I thought 'hold up, did I just feel a way?? Did I just FEEL???!!' It was in that moment that I trusted myself, trusted my ear, trusted my gut, trusted the way that my music made me FEEL!!"

Her honesty is inspiring, and goes to show that even top musicians aren't immune to creative blocks. The lesson? Perserverance is key, always. When feeling stuck, take a cue from Rihanna and go somewhere that inspires you, surround yourself with people who inspire you, and keep trying.

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It clearly "worked" in RiRi's case—and her realness makes us love her even more.