This Beauty Blogger Looks Exactly Like Rihanna—and the Internet Can't Handle It

There can only be one Bad Gal RiRi—or so we thought.

Oscar Gonzalez/NurPhoto via Getty Images; andelelara/Instagram

Over the weekend, beauty vlogger Patrick Starr teased on Instagram that he was working on a top secret project involving Rihanna's Fenty Beauty makeup line with fellow beauty influencer Andele Lara, founder of the website Grow & Glow, as his model.

But it wasn't the mention of Fenty Beauty in his Instagram caption that got Starr's followers excited, it was the fact that Lara could easily be mistaken for the singer herself. "Bruh, I thought that was Rihanna. Hold up. Everything in my life has changed," one Instagram user commented on the post. "I mad now I watched your story and thought that was really Rihanna. I was about to say Patrick was really on money moves. You did your thing with this 💜," another added.

While some celebrity doppelgängers are questionable at best, everything from Lara's slicked-back long black hair to her nose and even her eyebrow arches looks like RiRi.

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So, you're probably wondering if Lara is aware that she resembles one of the world's biggest stars. Yup, she knows. In her "About Me" section on her website, the influencer sets the record straight that while she looks like Rihanna, she doesn't have a career as a lookalike. "I’ve never had a career of being a 'Rihanna Look Alike' – Yes, there is a little resemblance to Rihanna but NO; I am NOT a Rihanna lookalike," she wrote.

Lookalike or not, we can't wait to see Starr and Lara's work, work, work, work, work.

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