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Popsugar - Zodiac engagement rings
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Yes, your engagement ring should be gorgeous. When you flash it in front of your friends, you'll want to make them shriek. Placing the perfect diamond on your finger (and then showing it off!) is one of the most memorable parts of getting married, after all. But your engagement ring should also be completely your own. If that means nixing an ordinary design for something more personal, like a turquoise gem, a ruby, or even a pearl, so be it.

But how can you tell which distinctive ring is really right for you? Astrology, of course! Your zodiac sign doesn't only reveal your signature traits, but also your major style tendencies and your taste in design. Whether you're a romantic Taurus who goes googly-eyed over pink stones or a classic Capricorn who appreciates the sophistication of a traditional diamond, there's an engagement ring for you. Read on to see what's written in the stars.

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