Ricky's NYC Store - Lead
Credit: Instagram/@rickys_nyc

If you're currently scrolling 136 weeks deep into your ex-boyfriend's Instagram page, stop now—in what may be the biggest sign of the times, your internet-stalking skills can now score you some seriously trendy hair and makeup staples. Ricky's NYC, the beauty retailer that merges everyone's favorite megabrands with the hottest salon exclusives, has just launched a new store sure to become a trending topic among bloggers and makeup-obsessed mavens alike. Aptly-titled #, or hashtag, the spinoff is the brainchild of Ricky's president Richard Parrott, who hand-selected around 20 "Instabrands" he discovered by simply scrolling through his newsfeed.

"The store is a result of our search for product through Instagram as opposed to through Google or Bing," Parrott tells NY Mag. "I started finding out who's talking about what by searching through social media. It's a bit more believable because it's real people talking about real products that actually work." Currently, # has one location open in New York City's Soho neighborhood, so if you're in the area, make sure to swing by the outpost at 489 Broadway. No word yet on if the foundation and powder selection will be able to bring that flattering Valencia filter into the real world, but we have a pretty strong feeling that the chances of your selfie making the popular page are about to get increased.