Ricky Martin Performing - Lead 2016
Credit: Mike Windle/Getty

Ricky Martin is seriously hot right now.

On Tuesday, the 44-year-old Latin pop singer headed to The Ellen Show to unveil a bit of saucy news. “I’m gonna be in Vegas! I have a residency in Vegas! I’m really happy,” he told DeGeneres, revealing the news of his upcoming show. “You’re all invited! Did I just say that?” he added.

Joining the ranks of Sin City headliners like Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey, the “She Bangs” and “Livin’ La Vida Loca” star will call the city’s Park Theater inside the Monte Carlo his new home. And while he didn’t announce the exact dates of his show, DeGeneres did reveal that tickets go on sale Monday, telling her fans they each have a shot at seeing Martin live.

So what, other than planning secret residencies, has Martin been up to? The singer is currently wrapping up his One World Tour, which comes to a close Dec. 15 in Querétaro City, Mexico, and has been busy making appearances with A-listers like Eva Longoria and President Barack Obama.

And while we’re not exactly sure what he’ll wear on the Vegas stage, one thing’s for sure: The man looks good in a Speedo.

Hot indeed, which is also why the star is officially taken. He also told DeGeneres he’s now engaged to artist Jwan Yosef, who has been dating Martin for more than a year. “We just got engaged,” he told DeGeneres. “I proposed. I was really nervous. But I got on my knees and I took out—not a box—I just had them in a little velvet pouch.”

Watch him explain the sweet proposal below.

Now that’s how you end a year.