Could someone give Richard Gere’s personal assistant a raise? Thanks to this week’s headlines, it sounds like Gere & Co. will have a very busy fall.

Two days after learning that the Pretty Woman actor, who turns 69 later this month, is reportedly expecting a child with his wife, Alejandra Silva, 35, Page Six reports that Gere could also be preparing to run for Congress. As the outlet explained, the registered Democrat’s name is getting tossed around as a potential candidate to replace Sean Patrick Maloney, the 18th Congressional District’s current rep who is running for Attorney General in September. If Maloney wins, Gere could slide right in.

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Credit: Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images

The aforementioned district is in the northern suburbs of New York City, and Gere already lives in Pound Ridge, Westchester, which falls within the region. Middletown Mayor Joe DeStefano, who the Post describes as “an influential Democrat,” has the intel. “Richard Gere’s name is being whispered about among Democrats. We’ll see what he’s made of,” he said.

Why Gere? At least in DeStefano’s view, he has the potential to stand up to the president. “The bottom line is I want to elect a Democrat to kill the Trump agenda,” he noted.

As for his credentials, well, who needs those these days? Just kidding. Gere’s said to have shaken the hands of “each election inspector” on Election Day, and he also just so happens to have a heart, a soft spot for the people. The actor has been reportedly banned from China because for years, he’s spoken out against human-rights violations in response to the nation’s occupation of Tibet. As Vanity Fair points out, he’s also the man behind non-profit organizations like the International Campaign for Tibet and the Gere Foundation in New York.

If Cynthia Nixon can do it, why can’t he?