Ultimate Miracle Worker Eye Cream
Credit: Courtesy

My eyes are not my strongest assets. I started losing my vision when I was in 4th grade, squinting constantly just to see the blackboard—a classic case of elementary school myopia. If we were in prehistoric times, I would have died long ago, eaten no doubt by a bear I’d mistaken for a loved one. My prescription tends to worsen every year, and I seriously cannot see anything if I don’t have my glasses or contacts in. This has led to a lot of squinting over the years (and some unfortunate middle-of-the-night run-ins with walls).

Wrinkles are unavoidable, but my constant face-scrunching probably hasn’t helped. So, I’ve been proactive—I’ve used eye creams with line-preventing properties since I was in my early twenties. But they’ve all been missing the best, most dermatologist-recommended anti-aging ingredient: SPF. That’s because the skin around my eyes is extremely thin (this is generally the case for everyone) and terribly sensitive; I haven’t been able to tolerate any SPF-spiked eye creams without tearing up or rubbing and tugging around my eyes like a sleepy infant, which is not a good move for someone trying to avoid fine lines. But, being the diligent—and vain—beauty editor that I am, I never stopped searching.

And I’m happy to report that the quest is now over: Philosophy’s new Ultimate Miracle Worker Eye Cream ($70; has broad-spectrum SPF 15 that doesn’t make me want to cry, plus a plant-derived retinol alternative to stimulate collagen, caffeine to tackle puffiness and dark circles, and an antioxidant complex to protect against infrared (basically anything that gives off heat, like an over-used cell phone) and visible light rays, which new research indicates can also damage skin (ugh). It immediately brightens, creates a perfect canvas for my concealer (no pilling ever!), and makes me feel a little more armed against the impending doom of crow’s feet.