Eye Lift Lead
Credit: Courtesy

What it is: Magicstripes ($29 for 32 pairs; are thin, transparent silicone stickers that fit snugly in the crease of your eyelid. Made for those with hooded lids, the tension created by the adhesive props up excess skin, giving you a smoother, tighter look.

How it works: Peel a sticker off its backing and place it on clean skin (prepped with an oil-free cleanser); position it firmly over the crease (which is right above your eye socket). Play around a bit to see if your stripe should be shifted more inward or outward to cater to your eye shape, gauging by the degree of lift provided.

The InStyle guinea pig says: Our tester, who's dealt with droopy lids for years, says, "the stickers tucked away a bit of skin on my eyelids so they no longer looked hooded." She seized the opportunity to wear eye shadow (which she usually skips, since its not visible unless her eyes are fully closed). "The dark powder blended easily over the sticker, hiding it almost completely." Though the strip itself wasn’t particularly comfortable (“I was very aware there was something foreign on my eyelids,” she says), our tester plans to wear a set before her next photo op. “They made me look so much more awake and alert."