These days, the Kardashians seem to be everywhere, and thanks to their recent ventures in the hair and makeup categories, this includes the beauty aisle. Kim Kardashian is currently the spokesperson for Hairfinity vitamins, which just might be the reason she was able to go from brunette to platinum blonde without compromising the health of her hair. To find out if it was the supplements or her glam squad at work, Assistant Beauty Editor Marianne Mychaskiw took two vitamins each day for a month, then reported back on the results. Read on to see what she thought, and if they really worked

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Credit: Instagram/@kimkardashian

Admittedly, I keep up with the Kardashians—particularly Kim. We have similar coloring, so her Instagram never fails to give me makeup inspiration, and I live for the adorable family pictures of her, North, and Kanye. Kim has been the face of Hairfinity vitamins ($25 per bottle; for some time now, and in light of her recent hair color changes showing minimal damage, the supplements appeared to be working. Like Kim's strands, mine also go through a lot. I had previously been on the "What would Rihanna do" kick and changed my color almost as often as Bad Gal Ri Ri did, but even after I calmed down and went back to my roots, the constant heat styling certainly didn't help. I started my one-month regimen, taking two vitamins a day with my morning coffee.

Hairfinity is chock-full of ingredients such as vitamin B, amino acids, hydrolyzed collagen, and horsetail herb, to promote healthier, stronger hair from the inside out. As was to be expected, I didn't start seeing results until a few weeks in, when I noticed my hair had grown slightly longer, and looked much more shiny than it used to. My ends were clearly a lost cause, but I didn't have to slather as much product on to glue the frayed pieces back together. However, the most-dramatic results were not seen in my hair, but my nails. Since starting the regimen, my nails have never looked better. A few weeks before beginning, I was in serious recovery from a gel manicure, and within the month, my digits had transformed into Lana Del Rey-esque talons, which I promptly filed into a stiletto shape and painted nude, obviously. It got to the point that people were asking if they were my real nails, or acrylics. This makes sense, as both your hair and nails are made of keratin, and the good-for-you ingredients that benefit one area are sure to benefit the other. My hair probably would have fared better if I were more religious with my trims, but considering how the supplement nursed my gel-beaten nails to a healthier state, I'd defintitely spring for a second bottle.

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