Revenge - Victoria Grayson
Credit: ABC/Danny Feld

Even when she goes undercover, don't expect to see Victoria Grayson in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Tension was running high on last night's episode of Revenge, which opened with Jack rescuing an unconscious Emily from the burning Stowaway bar. While he is able to carry her out of the building, unfortunately, the building can't be salvaged. Despite being told that no one else was in the area at the time of the fire, Jack later learns from an onlooker that Charlotte had been at the scene, and lied about nobody being trapped inside. Elsewhere, at an abandoned cabin, Victoria and David are hiding out as she attempts to get her funds in order. Once she finds out that all of her accounts have either been frozen or completely depleted, she seeks out Daniel, who has just been kicked out of his luxe hotel room after three months without paying rent, and lets her know Charlotte had spent the money partying.

"When Victoria says to Louise (her old roommate at the mental hospital), 'I'm in survival mode,' that is the exact statement we were portraying in this episode," says costume designer Jill Ohanneson, who chose a gorgeous J. Mendel slate blue dress for the Grayson matriarch. "This ended up being her only dress in the episode. She wore it into town, changed into more casual gear when she was at the cabin with David and Charlotte, then put the same dress on to go back into town." A rare move for Queen Victoria! "We want the audience to see that she's in the same clothes, has a limited amount of pieces she has picked up along the way, and that's all she's got."

The deep blue tone of the dress also provided a striking contrast against Louise's bold emerald number when the two met on the street. She wants to help, but Victoria declines, promising she will be in touch once things settle down. "The color was just the right amount of demure, muted blue, but it still has the beauty and elegance that has become Victoria's trademark---she just innately has this very elegant and refined structure, and it ended up being perfect," Ohanneson adds. "It was more discreet and had a softer silhouette. The pattern didn't stand out too much, but the embroidery added a little texture."

Returning to the cabin, Victoria gets a surprise visit from none other than Emily Thorne, who wants to apologize to Charlotte. Victoria pulls a shotgun on her, and Emily, fed up with the dueling, tells her to go ahead and shoot. A quick death would be the easy way out, Victoria decides, and after everything she's been through, she tells Emily that she owes her much more than that. David returns to the cabin and learns that Emily is after Charlotte, not knowing Emily is actually his daughter. Back at the manor, Nolan begins installing surveillance cameras and a security system, when he sees someone with a knife drawn entering Emily's bedroom. He goes in after the intruder and shoots at him, but misses as the hooded figure jumps out the window. Emily and Nolan watch him escape, not knowing that they just had a run-in with David Clarke.