Revenge/Courtney Love - Lead
Credit: Courtesy

With the new knowledge that Revenge will be cancelled after this season's final two episodes air, we started last night's with a heavy heart. Then a certain cast credit caught our attention—what did Courtney Love have to do with the recent happenings in the Hamptons?

Now that Victoria Grayson is out of the picture, the plot has certainly been an interesting one. Emily has been framed in Victoria's murder, and although bail is granted during her trial, she ends up confined to the beach house, with an ankle bracelet ensuring she doesn't stray. Of course, she does, and finds out that Victoria could still be alive.

After landing back in a jail cell right next to Margaux, Emily is able to confirm that Victoria didn't die in the explosion as previously believed. Emily then tells the new information to Ben, and although he doesn't believe her at first, Louise brings forward evidence of a black hoodie she found among Victoria's belongings while preparing for the memorial service.

Ben breaks into the home of Mary Gaines, a recently-deceased woman that Victoria was believed to have placed in Grayson Manor as it exploded, and upon entering, he sees Victoria, alive and well. Before he even has time to react, he is stabbed from behind, and his assailant turns out to be none other than ... Courtney Love! Because the attack happened in the very last few seconds of the episode, we're not even sure whose team Love is on just yet, but one thing is sure: Next week's finale will definitely be one to watch.