Revenge Fashion Credits - Season 4
Credit: Danny Feld/ABC via Getty Images

While Victoria enjoys a reunion with David Clarke, who believes his daughter is dead, Emily Thorne was busy running between Grayson manor and the South Fork Inn on last night's episode of Revenge. To ensure our protagonist remained stylish in the process, costume designer Jill Ohanneson dressed her in a mint blouse by Theory, a Stella McCartney blazer, Vince skinny jeans, and nude stiletto pumps by Manolo Blahnik. "She has a lot to do, so it's an elegant, casual look," she tells us. "We added Anthropologie earrings and a nice, delicate necklace by Aqua to go with it." In lieu of a party dress, the pastel ensemble proved to be as chic as it was functional, and it's a good thing, too---upon arriving at the South Fork Inn, Emily finds Charlotte in distress on the roof, only moments away from jumping. As Emily tries to convince her to come down from the ledge, Jack and his commanding officer break through the roof door and apprehend her.

The outfit also proved to have transitional qualities. "We wanted an outfit that had many incarnations," Ohanneson adds. "Once she's at the beach house and is talking to Charlotte, she changed her blazer, removed her necklace, and threw a comfy sweater over it. The whole thing is much more dressed-down." The comfortable atmosphere didn't stay comfortable for long---after Emily reveals that she is the real Amanda Clarke, Charlotte, clad in a red Haute Hippie maxi dress, becomes angry that Emily chose to take revenge instead of reaching out to her. She smashes David's Infinity Box and leaves, later reaching out to Emily to meet at the Stowaway. Charlotte knocks her unconscious, pours turpentine on the floor, and lights a match. The Stowaway becomes immersed in flames and Charlotte rushes outside to escape, leaving Emily in the bar, and the rest of us on the edges of our seats for another week...