Revenge - Emily Thorne
Credit: ABC

Major spoilers ahead for Revenge, so if you haven't seen last night's episode, stop reading now!

Though the emotional closing scene had us bidding farewell to Daniel (we still can't believe it!), the plot certainly didn't lack in terms of unexpected twists, and scenes filled to the brim with high-fashion ensembles. Case in point: The stunning navy-and-gold number Emily Thorne wore for the party celebrating the grand re-opening of Nolan's yacht club. "Since it was the yacht club, there were lots of navys, blues, reds, and golds, and that dress was a nod to the nautical in an elegant, classy way," says costume designer Jill Ohanneson. "The dress is by Xscape, I found it at Nordstrom, and it's such an amazing neckline when it bisects Emily's shoulders like that. She was really comfortable and felt really good in it."

Ohanneson topped off the look with a pair of Kim Lee Ozawa earrings, Saint Laurent gold leather pumps, and a Michael Kors handbag, which Emily later used to stash double agent Kate's phone. Because the print of Emily's gown contrasted with that of Kate's Milly number, we could tell that there was definitely something happening under the surface, and our point was later proven during the dramatic shootout at Emily's house. "Up to this point, we don't really know who Kate is, so I did some forecasting with this outfit," Ohanneson adds. While our Sunday night obsession doesn't return until Jan. 4, 2015, we can already tell that the next episode is going to be an emotional one that will open with Daniel's funeral and hopefully end with some sort of revelation of the elusive Malcolm Black. We're already counting down the days until the mid-season break is over!