Revenge - Season 4 Episode 1
Credit: Danny Feld/ABC via Getty Images

After a taking a brief summer break, Revenge returned with a bang last night on ABC, with wardrobe choices as dramatic and thought-out as the unexpected plot twists. When we last left Emily, Victoria, Nolan, and company, Emily had Victoria placed in a mental hospital as payback for killing Aiden, and we were extremely surprised to discover that, in the last few minutes of the Season 3 finale, David Clarke had faked his own death, and was the one who stabbed Conrad. With the Grayson fortune no more, Emily moves into the family's old manor and makes it her own---with a killer housewarming party, to boot. The belle of the ball was appropriately dressed in a stunning Carolina Herrera print, so we spoke to Revenge costume designer Jill Ohanneson to find out why she chose the piece for Emily, and what it meant in the grand scheme of things.

"It needed to be a statement dress," she tells us. "It's a statement of her taking over the house, and taking over the party circuit from Victoria." When she's not in her fuctional gear, Emily Thorne usually prefers form-fitting sheaths, but the print and silhouette of the Carolina Herrera dress was more fitting with the mood of the scene. "It's a very happy dress, and we wanted something with an expansive silhouette to show that this is her new life," she adds. "As she says in the show---Conrad's dead, Victoria is in the mental institution, and Daniel is kind of imploding on himself, so she's free and is able to show that in the whimsy of the print and the full skirt."

Playing off of the red yoke at the top of the number, Ohanneson complemented the color scheme with red earrings, a metallic bangle, and a pair of candy-apple red stilettos by Tamara Mellon. "I also loved how she wore her hair to the side with a red lipstick that matched the dress," she adds. "It was definitely a beautiful, beautiful statement, and we really wanted to start the season with that."