By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Dec 09, 2013 @ 9:30 pm
Revenge Fashion Credits - Season 3, Episode 9
Credit: ABC/Richard Cartwright; Courtesy Photo (2)

After a two-week break, last night's new episode of Revenge was well worth the wait! As Emily and Daniel take part in a romantic photo shoot for Voulez, the publication's editor Margaux is intent on finding proof that David Clarke was framed. She advises her source Lydia to make herself scare until the story breaks, but Lydia has other plans in mind. As Emily and Victoria are finalizing the seating arrangements for the much-anticipated wedding, the two notice Victoria's wardrobe taking flight over one of the mansion's balconies, only to find Lydia tossing each item over the edge. After a brief confrontation between her and Emily, Lydia pushes Emily to the ground, prompting Daniel to rush to her side and reveal that the two are expecting. Victoria, of course, is less than pleased.

Sara, not wanting to be the secret in Daniel's relationship, returns the necklace he gave to her years ago, and breaks things off with him. "Sara didn't want to be the other woman anymore," said costume designer Jill Ohanneson. "We dressed her in a printed H&M dress to suggest that she still has a soft, vulnerable side underneath all that anger." Daniel admits that he is still in love with Sara, but Emily's pregnancy complicates the situation, leaving him even more torn. Meanwhile, Lydia, who is Margaux's anonymous source in the intended Grayson takedown, reunites with Conrad and records their conversation.

For Emily, Operation Grayson Takedown is also on track -- she takes a bracelet from Victoria with the goal of framing the Grayson matriarch in her plan, and in the middle of a training session with Aiden, he proposes to Emily, despite the fact that she is marrying Daniel the very next day. Emily accepts, and after a moment of passion, she returns home, where Daniel and Victoria each confront her. Daniel clears the air about what happened between him and Sara, then later in the night, Victoria speaks to Emily to let her know she won't be attending the wedding. That, and the fact that Lydia resurfaced an old picture of Emily disguised as a waitress at a Grayson family function, could prove to make Ms. Thorne's plan of attack a little more complicated...

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