Revenge Season 3, Episode 5: All the Exclusive Wardrobe Details From Costume Designer Jill Ohanneson!

Revenge Season 3 Episode 5 - Fashion Credits
Photo: Courtesy Photo (3); ABC/Richard Cartwright

It may be fall in the real world, but on Revenge, summer in the Hamptons only continues to heat up. Desperate to know who had cut the brakes and caused Conrad and Father Paul's car accident, Emily consults Aiden, not knowing he had falsely told Conrad that Jack Porter was the one responsible. Aiden then pays Jack a surprise visit, urging him to tread lightly for the safety of his son, but someone else has their sights set on the owner of the Stowaway -- Margeaux! The Voulez editor later invites Jack to the magazine's launch party, where Daniel makes his editorial debut. "Daniel's party look might be my favorite outfit he's worn yet," said costume designer Jill Ohanneson, who dressed him in a burgundy suit and black turtleneck for the big event. "We wanted to present a more grown-up side to Daniel, but didn't want it to seem like a caricature, as 98 out of 100 times last season, he was already wearing a suit." Following her fight with Daniel at the Voulez party, Emily's engagement is off, and she shares a kiss with Aiden and confesses that in reality, she can't stand Daniel. "That was a shocking moment, even for me," Ohanneson told us. "We only work a few episodes ahead, but I'm still watching the show as a viewer, and each scene is completely different when you actually see it on-screen as opposed to reading the draft on paper." The biggest shock of the night came when Charlotte admitted to Conrad and Victoria that she had tampered with the brakes to her father's car. Our minds are racing: What does this mean for the Grayson family? Each week, we catch up with Ohanneson, who tells us all the details on what each character wore, and why she chose the specific pieces for them. Check out what she had to say about Emily, Victoria, Margeaux, and more in our gallery!

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