By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Apr 14, 2014 @ 6:45 pm
Credit: ABC/Colleen Hayes

With only a few more episodes left until the Revenge season finale, the plot only continues to gain momentum, and this week's showing certainly didn't lack in terms of drama. At the racetrack, Pascal attempts to be friendly with Emily, but she sees through his act, knowing that he is aligned with Victoria. Still, she manages to swipe his fingerprint and send it off to Aiden, who then uses it to access Pascal's confidential files. As she is leaving the venue, Emily overhears an argument between Victoria and natural gas business owner Luke Gilliam. As it turns out, Gilliam was supposed to take the fall in place of Emily's father David Clarke, and used the payout from Grayson Global to start his business. To extract natural gas from the ground, Gilliam uses an unsafe compound, which he attempts to pass off as legitimate by carrying vials of the supposed chemicals, and taking a sip from the vial to show how "safe" the compound is.

Rather than exposing himself to the actual chemicals, Gilliam fills the "drinkable" vials with a mixture of water, saline, and gelatin, and during a meeting with the business owner, Emily swaps one of his blends with a vial containing the toxic compound. He drinks the vial at an awards ceremony to illustrate his point of his compound being safe, and suffers an attack from the toxic chemicals as Emily sits in the crowd, feigning shock. Unbeknownst to Emily, Victoria is the reason Gilliam is in the Hamptons, and this is all part of her plan. "I loved how they set up the shot -- as Emily is emoting, you can see Victoria watching her from over her shoulder, almost like she's hunting Emily," says costume designer Jill Ohanneson. "Victoria knows something is up, and it's really fun playing with that."

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Charlotte and Javier continue to hide their relationship from Nolan, and the two plan to chat with Daniel about rolling out Javier's high-tech app -- as well as pulling some strings to get Javier's parole terms lifted. While Charlotte has his best interests in mind, Daniel vows to increase Javier's presence to get him on team Grayson, and to turn him against Nolan. "It's crazy watching Daniel turn more and more into Conrad," Ohannesson adds. "There was a scene where he and his mom are talking about their takedown plan, and you can see that the scheme is really taking over their lives, but that's what revenge is all about." Despite that Nolan flat-out tells him he's making a mistake, Javier takes the bait and joins team Grayson, but Nolan isn't going down without a fight... Later in the night, he surprises Daniel and Charlotte at home by rigging one of their outdoor light fixtures, which explodes just as he emerges from the darkness and tells them he's on to them, and that they have no idea what they've started.

Aiden and Nolan track the Oscar Chapman moniker back to a woman named Brenda Evans, who is actually Chapman in disguise. After being discovered by the duo, Chapman confesses that Aiden's father had no idea there was a bomb on the plane, and that he was murdered -- his death was not a suicide as previously believed. He agrees to help the two, but is shot by Pascal before any plans can be set into motion. In an attempt to sway Aiden to join his side, Conrad presents Aiden with a photo of Oscar after the shooting.

Meanwhile, there's trouble in paradise for Margaux and Jack -- she has been extremely busy after taking over all of Pascal's operations, and once Jack learns that she had a role in turning Javier against Nolan, the two have an argument. Jack is upset that the two aren't spending as much time together since Margaux is so distracted by work, and he confesses that he loves her, but can't be around her. "I love that this is a common theme in real life. There's a constant struggle we as women have in balancing career and family life, and I'm glad we were able to show the reality of that," Ohanneson says. "Margaux has been fighting this fight with her dad, and now that she finally has the company, that comes with a whole new set of responsibilities."

Luke Gilliam wakes up in the hospital, only to have Emily hack into a video feed in disguise, and is commanded to turn over all the information he has on Conrad Grayson. As she pulls out her now-infamous red Sharpie to cross Gilliam out of a picture she's using in her takedown plan, Victoria mirrors the motion, holding a black marker to an exact image of her own. She now knows that Emily is out to avenge her father David Clarke, and what she'll do with this information is anyone's guess...

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