Revenge Season 3, Episode 14: All the Fashion Secrets Straight From Costume Designer, Jill Ohanneson!

Revenge Season 3 Episode 14 - Madeline Stowe
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Now that's one way to come back with a bang! Last night, Revenge returned to our lives after a brief hiatus, setting our minds -- and one prominent Hamptons art gallery -- ablaze with the plot possibilities to come. After waking up in a room at the Southfork Inn (being greeted by Conrad, no less), Emily is intent on finding out the source of her blackouts, not to mention what happened between her and Conrad that night. Nolan shows her a security video, where we see King Grayson escorting Emily to her room, but not entering until he wakes her up the next morning. "I was so relieved when I found out nothing happened between Conrad and Emily," says costume designer Jill Ohanneson. "When I first read the script, I was horrified! But it was certainly an interesting twist." Meanwhile, Stevie Grayson -- Conrad's first wife -- calls Emily to let her know she's ready to process the divorce between her and Daniel, and manages to shake things up with the current Mrs. Grayson. She meets with Victoria while shopping, where Stevie makes her presence known. But that wasn't the only surprise in store for Victoria...

She later finds out that a fire had started at the art gallery, which was caused by Patrick. He confesses his part in the incident, sparked out of anger, and much to Victoria's dismay, he hires his father Jimmy Brennan as a contractor to make repairs. Patrick questions why Victoria never allowed him to meet his father, when she tells him that Jimmy had attacked her years ago, resulting in her pregnancy. Patrick makes an attempt to get to know his father, but Victoria later confronts him at the gallery. Jimmy overhears their fight and gets involved. He attempts to harm Victoria, but Patrick comes to his mother's rescue and knocks Jimmy out. He initially tries to call an ambulance, but after being stopped by his mother, the police arrive and determine that Jimmy died after falling from a ladder.

Revenge - Jill Ohanneson

Niko, on the other hand, discovers that Aiden is the one behind her father's death, knocks him unconscious, and ties him up -- while giving a slight nod to Buffy the Vampire Slayer with her red top and chunky '90s-era boots. "It was a little bit of a homage to that, and we put her in red to showcase her power in that particular scene," Ohanneson adds (pictured, right).

Just when he thinks she's about to kill him, she reveals her plans to go after Emily instead. She and Emily start to battle, when Aiden begs Niko to let her go, and drives the point home by telling her that Takeda died by his own code. Emily's mental state remains fragile -- between the spontaneous blackouts, she later learns of a fight between her and Nolan that she can't remember, and Aiden pleads with her to get help before anything else happens.

Each week, we catch up with Ohanneson to get all the info on what each character wore, and the significance of every outfit in the unpredictable plot.

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