By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Jan 06, 2014 @ 7:58 pm
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New year, new plot twists! Tensions were running high during last night's episode of Revenge, with everyone working to find out who shot Emily, while attempting to help her regain her memory in the hospital. After being shot by Daniel en route to their honeymoon, Emily manages to swim to a small yacht, where Aiden is able to track the signal from her transmitter and find her. Once on the boat, Aiden makes noise to wake the sleeping captain, who then alerts the authorities and brings Emily to the hospital. All eyes are on Victoria as the culprit, and the fact that she can't remember what had happened or where she was prior to the shooting certainly doesn't help the situation. Meanwhile, Nolan is able to hack into the hospital database to monitor Emily's progress, when he learns she is suffering from Amnesia as a result of the trauma. Aiden disguises himself as an ambulance driver to help Emily get out of the hospital, only to find out that she isn't faking her condition -- she doesn't recognize Aiden, and calls for a nurse to help.

Daniel confesses to Victoria that he shot Emily, and plans to turn himself in, but she and Conrad won't let him take the fall. She then visits Margaux, who has photos from the night in question where Lydia isn't pictured. Victoria then creates a plan to frame Lydia for Daniel's crime, which brings tension between Conrad and his son. Charlotte visits Emily in the hospital and attempts to trigger her memories, and manages to resurface something about her past. As Emily recalls memories of her father, she unknowingly lets it slip that her father was David Clarke. Charlotte speaks to Jack about this, who convinces her that Emily must have been confused after seeing her. Jack visits Emily in the hospital, and after talking with her and encouraging her, he hands over the locket she gave to him after his wife Amanda died. This triggers another memory, and Emily then realizes it was Daniel who pulled the trigger on her.

Of course, such dramatic events are only complemented by equally-striking wardrobe choices, and each week, we speak to the show's costume designer Jill Ohanneson to find out what everyone wore. See the fashion credits for last night's most-striking ensembles in our gallery!