By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Dec 16, 2013 @ 9:13 pm
Revenge Fashion Credits - Season 3, Episode 10
Credit: ABC/Richard Cartwright (3); Courtesy Photo

The "Royal Wedding" of the Hamptons took place on last night's episode of Revenge, but unlike Will and Kate's unwavering relationship, things between Daniel and Emily keep getting more complicated by the minute. Emily, desperate to have Victoria attend her wedding so her plot falls into place, asks Conrad to convince his wife to change her mind. She mentions that Victoria may not be acting this way if her estranged son Patrick were still in the picture, and Conrad agrees. Following an unexpected visit from Patrick, Victoria finally decides to attend the wedding, which keeps Emily's plan to frame her for murder on track. Meanwhile, Daniel is still feeling conflicted -- and it isn't just pre-wedding jitters. Sara comes by the Voulez offices to see him prior to the wedding, where the two share a passionate kiss only moments before he walks down the aisle.

True to form, the wedding goes off without a hitch, and the setting is immaculate -- it's just a shame Lydia Davis wasn't there to witness the big event. She is stopped at the door by Aiden, who hands over the papers to Emily's childhood home, where Lydia lived for a period of time. As Emily and Nolan dance at the wedding reception, Daniel sneaks off to call Sara and ends up leaving a her voicemail, but is called by Charlotte before he can finish the message. Sara then admits to Jack that she is still in love with Daniel. "There's a part of me that feels for the two of them because we all know that Emily doesn't really love him," said costume designer Jill Ohanneson. "I love being an audience member where I feel torn with what's happening, because that's when I know the writing is really good." We'll say!

Love is also in the air for Conrad and Lydia, who joins everyone on a yacht heading for the Grayson family honeymoon. The festivities, however, are short-lived -- Daniel receives a phone call and learns that Sara tried to kill herself. Emily and Aiden spring their revenge plan into action, and after a brief argument with Victoria, Aiden knocks her unconscious with a whiff of chloroform, and leaves Emily to carry out the rest. Unbenknowst to her, Daniel has heard the whole conversation and realizes he's been set up. He grabs the gun intended to frame Victoria, and shoots Emily, who falls into the ocean. Aiden and Jack wait for her at the shore to finish the plan, but when her wedding dress washes up, Emily is nowhere to be found, and it's evident that something is wrong. Each week, we catch up with Ohanneson to get all the details on what every character wore, and why she chose each specific piece. See what she had to say in our gallery!