Revenge Season 4, Episode 18 - Clarity - Emily Thorne - Amanda Clarke
Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC via Getty Images

The real Amanda Clarke is finally standing up. Last night on Revenge, Emily Thorne took the mic to make a major revelation---at the groundbreaking ceremony, she tells the crowd that Daniel Grayson saved her life when she was attacked by Malcolm Black, and that she is the real Amanda Clarke. For such a pivotal moment, costume designer Jill Ohanneson wanted to find a dress that encompassed the worlds of both Emily and Amanda, which she did with a floral print gown by Carolina Herrera.

"I wanted her to come across not as a conniving, scheming person, which she kind of has been, so we were playing against that since she's revealing herself in such a public way on the air," she tells InStyle. "It worked for me emotionally, and Emily was into it too. The color, texture, and pattern all felt right because there is so much going on through the whole scene."

The costume team had the idea of a white dress in mind to symbolize that Emily was coming clean about her identity, but once she saw the contrast between the soft blossoms and graphic stems against the transparent fabric, Ohanneson knew the Herrera number was the one.

"It had the little daisy flowers from when Amanda was young, but also the black, thorny stems that symbolized the Emily we know, so for me, it combined who she used to be with who she became," she says. "The bit of sheerness at the top suggested she was being transparent and revealing everything, without the dress being overly-sexual." Ohanneson altered the gown to a tea-length skirt, then topped off the effect with a metallic belt, and a set of dangling earrings.