Revenge Costume Designer Jill Ohanneson Talks About the One Designer All the Boys Love

Revenge boys
Photo: Courtesy ABC

There's a new episode of Revenge on tonight! Costume designer Jill Ohanneson already told us that the Hamptons ladies' love their Michael Kors, Lanvin, and Alaia(thank you very much), but this week, she spilled on the one designer all the boys—including Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) and Daniel Grayson (Josh Bowman)—love to wear most: Tommy Hilfiger. "Sometimes Josh will just come into a fitting and say, 'Jill, I just love what Tommy Hilfiger is doing right now,'" Ohanneson told "Gabriel, too. He wears a lot of Tommy Hilfiger in his personal life. He has a really great relationship with the designer." And they're not alone—Ohanneson loves Hilfiger's preppy aesthetic, too. "I do really love Tommy Hilfiger's design. I just met him recently, and I'm very excited because they have a flagship store opening here, which makes it much easier for us to use some of their stuff. I'm hoping to be able to use some of that on both Daniel and Nolan." No objections here—whatever keeps those boys looking so handsome!

Plus, check out Ohanneson's all-time favorite Revenge costumes.

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