Revenge Costume Designer Jill Ohanneson Spills the Details on the Looks From Season 3, Episode 4!

Revenge - Season 3, Episode 4
Photo: ABC/Vivian Zink (2); Courtesy Photo

Between Victoria's new job and Aiden's shocking twist at the end, last night's episode of Revenge had our minds running. Shortly after Emily rushes to see Conrad and Father Paul at the hospital, she learns that Father Paul has died -- and it certainly was no accident. Emily and Jack once again joined forces to investigate what was left of Conrad's car, and discovered that someone had deliberately cut the brakes. "There's something kind of nice about seeing Jack and Emily on the same side again. It's really incredible that he now knows everything that is going on, but I love how they've written it," the show's costume designer Jill Ohanneson told "There's still so much tension between the two of them when they're together, but there's pull, so it's fun to play with that costume-wise." The highlight of the night came during a reception honoring Victoria at a local art gallery, where the Grayson matriarch is set to start working. Her sneak attack on gallery owner Sheila was only emphasized by her amazing Antonio Berardi dress, which showcased her power. "When Victoria went into the gallery to ask for a job, I put her in a very pale color, and then I flipped it to black when the party happened," she said. "That was a fun little twist to play with." We caught up with Ohanneson to find out more about last night's outfits, and why each character wore what they did. Click the photo to get all of the exclusive details!

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