Revenge Costume Designer Jill Ohanneson On the Looks From Season 3, Episode 6!

Revenge Fashion Credits - Season 3, Episode 6
Photo: Courtesy Photo (2); ABC/Danny Feld

While the plot twists and action scenes always grab us by surprise during each episode of Revenge, one thing is certain -- the past will always come back to haunt you, especially when you're involved with the likes of Emily Thorne. Over brunch with Emily, Victoria, Charlotte, and Daniel learn from Conrad that Grayson manor has been sold to a buyer who paid in cash, and the family should make plans to be out by the end of the month. To keep her plan of revenge on track, Emily has Aiden come in to do some construction and fake the appearance of her home's shifting foundation to drive Conrad's real estate agent away. Meanwhile, Daniel is confronted by a piece of his past he had long hoped to forget. He runs into Sara, the bartender who was injured in a drunk driving accident, where Daniel was behind the wheel. "The situation was alluded to in the beginning, but we never saw who she was, so we get to explore their whole story," said costume designer Jill Ohanneson. Conrad's real estate agent quickly calls off the deal after seeing the work on Emily's house, and over at The Stowaway, Nolan confesses Emily's plot of revenge to Jack, revealing what he already knew -- that Emily Thorne is really Amanda Clarke. To further prove the fact that not everything in the Hamptons is as it seems, Aiden brings Victoria to a warehouse to reveal a pile of gold bars under the Grayson family name. As it turns out, the family isn't as broke as they once believed. Each week, we catch up with Ohanneson, who spills all the details on every look worn as the elaborate plotlines come into effect. See what she had to say about the outfits from last night in our gallery!

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