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Sydney Mondry
Jan 21, 2016 @ 8:00 am

Somewhere on our New Year’s Resolution list, among “eat healthier,” “go to the gym,” and “call Mom more,” is a vague yet crucial goal to “get organized.” For some, that means maintaining a tidy desk. For others, it takes on a deeper meaning, like prioritizing our time better in order to yield the best versions of ourselves. Fortunately (and unsurprisingly), there’s an app for all of that. 

Wunderlist is basically a virtual notebook, list-maker, calendar, and filing cabinet all in one, hand-held tool. A few of our favorite features allow users to set deadline reminders (no more late work assignments!), transform emails into “to-dos” by simply forwarding them to the app, and work collaboratively on projects with colleagues, friends, and family. It’s still January, so download the app now and make good on that 2016 resolution.

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