Boy Meets World
Credit: Twitter / BenSavage

The gang's all here! Just in time for some serious throwback Thursday action, Cory Matthews Ben Savage basically made our entire week when he took to Twitter to post an epic selfie alongside Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong, and William Daniels---better known as Topanga, Shawn, and of course, Mr. Feeney.

Last month, Savage hinted at a potential reunion when he posted a behind-the-scenes shot of the group filming Girl Meets World, and now that Shawn and Mr. Feeney have both been confirmed to appear in the show's second season, our inner '90s kid persona is kind of freaking out at the plotline possibilities. Can we expect to see Eric as well? What will Shawn get into this season? Is Mr. Feeney on Instagram, or is he more of a Twitter guy?

Second to Mr. Feeney's words of wisdom, Topanga's inimitable style is another element of Boy Meets World we regularly reflect on. In fact, "For a very long time, I had a lot of Topanga's wardrobe. I either took it, or I'd go out at the same time they'd shop for me and buy some of the same things," Fishel previously told InStyle. "I have pictures of me in the exact same outfit I wore on the set at a family reunion, and I think I even crimped my hair. All of her lace dresses and leggings---the minute Topanga started wearing that, Danielle did, too!"

From the shot above, it's hard to tell whether or not Fishel's '90s-era gear will also guest star in any of the episodes, but either way, we're tuning in ... and holding out hope for a flashback style moment or 10.