Everyone has to start somewhere in their career, even celebrities like Renée Zellweger and Patrick Dempsey.

On Thursday the Bridget Jones's Baby stars stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden and talked about some of their funny first jobs. Jimmy Kimmel, also a guest that night, had discussed his former career of being a wedding D.J. and an especially awkward moment he had when he went to play the mother-son dance song, only to find out the mother had passed away. While no one could top that story, Zellweger did talk about her high-pressure job of being a lifeguard at KinderCare. "You know, they are fast! The under 2 feet variety—those guys are quick and everything becomes a weapon. Not interested!" she said.

Kimmel, of course, then asked if there were any bathroom incidents in the pool. "You know the occasional scooper had to come out," she said.

Dempsey then explained that he had applied for a role at the Ringling Bros. Circus, after a job working the children's birthday party circuit. "There was a form you had to fill out and it was like, 'Are you comfortable in small cars? Do you like travel? Are you good with big groups in small places?' I, evidently, didn't get the job but the list was hysterical," he said. Although Dempsey didn't make it big at the circus, he did retain his talent for making balloon animals and that's all that matters.

Watch Zellweger and Dempsey talk about their first jobs in the clip above and catch Bridget Jones's Baby in theaters now.